Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cosmetic surgery – Not just for Women?

For a long time, cosmetic surgery has been perceived as a mainstay of the female world with men being too masculine to possibly entertain it. Indeed it is only in the last decade that looking after your skin has become acceptable for men and in the last year or so a whole host of new skincare products aimed specifically at men have been launched and marketed making it an almost normal sight to see a man moisturising – who'd have thought it…

Procedures such as face lifts, eye bag removal and, most importantly, weight loss surgery can be affectively applied to both sexes and with the advancements in surgical techniques pretty hard to spot. Seen as "maintenance" these procedures can be part of a normal, everyday life.

Along with the improving health and fitness of our nation we want to look as good as we feel inside and this can be a way to achieve it. Plastic surgery used to be seen as a cheats way to lose weight and something that only had short term results but this is certainly not the case.

Men now account for 10% of all cosmetic surgery procedures undertaken and this figure is on the rise. One particular operation that works quite well for men is liposuction as the fat tends to be more localised and less stretched as men do not have to suffer things like pregnancy. This means the results can be better and longer lasting if a healthy lifestyle of good food and exercise is kept up afterwards.

Cosmetic surgery is now more than acceptable for men and needn't be something to be embarrassed about. Make sure you seek out an experienced and approved surgeon to make sure your plastic surgery goes without a hitch.

Author: james
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