Tuesday, August 7, 2007

How to be a sexy woman?

Tips and ideas for women to be sexy, seductive, and stylish
Since we published the article How to be an attractive woman, we have received dozens of emails from women all over the world, asking several somewhat related questions: How to be sexy, how to be seductive, how to dress sexy, how to look/feel attractive/sexy/seductive, ideas to get your boyfriend to find you more attractive, how to be seductive/seductive dressing for women, tips for wearing sexy clothes, and many others. This article will try to answer all of these questions.

Who is a sexy woman?

* She is not a bad person. Even mothers or religious/devout women can be sexy too. There is nothing wrong with being sexy.
* You don't have to be sexy for a man. You can be one just for your own happiness. You can also be one even when you are alone and no one is looking at you. It is not something that you do to please others; you can do it for yourself - this is a lifestyle.
* You do not have to dress provocatively or expose skin that makes you uncomfortable.
* You do not have to spend a million dollars.
* You do not need a perfect body of a model or a movie star. I have seen a lot of women thatPhoto of a sexy woman of Asian and Hispanic origin wearing a white tube top with low riding jeans have great bodies or unlimited money

So how to become one?

You will need four things and let us spend time on each one of them in detail.

* Style
o Develop your own. It is OK to learn from celebrities, idols, models, etc. but eventually you need a style that works for you.
o Apply the style to everything about you: hair, clothing, accessories, makeup.
o Pay attention to detail. Some tips - do not ever use cheap/dirty underwear just because no one is going to see it, or not clean your shoes, or have a messy purse, or skip on personal hygiene (regular showers, oral hygiene, women's personal hygiene, hair care, etc.).
o It is OK to have few clothes but they should be in good shape and fit you well. Show what is good about your body and hide what is not so good.
o Learn other things that sexy women have: flirtatious, charming, desirable, and above all, fun to be around.

* Behavior/personality/etiquette
o No matter how good looking you are; if you do not behave like a sexy lady, it doesn't matter. So learnPicture of a Latina woman with an attitude that shows off her confidence as a woman all the etiquettes and tricks that a sexy woman has. If it means attending an etiquette or finishing or modeling school, do it. It is worth the investment.
o Stop being mean or nasty or obnoxious or arrogant or bitchy. People will love you if you are sweet and polite and a pleasant woman to be with.
* Posture
o In other words, how you carry yourself around. As I said before, forget if you are short or fat or old, always carry yourself around as a sexy woman. Stand straight with your head high and walk like a model. (Related article: Good posture)
o If you don't know how to do this, it is good to watch television and/or attend a school for models. I also recommend that you take dancing lessons. Not to mention the importance of exercising regularly.

* Voice/talk
o It can make all the difference. Now not much can be done about your actual voice since that is Nature's gift but you can still do a lot about how you talk. Learn to speak seductively and you will notice that immediately people pay attention to you. A voice coach can help you do that.
o Keep yourself informed on the basics. If you are clueless on what is going on, people will think of you as an airhead. You don't have to be an expert in anything but if you have enough knowledge about some simple facts related to fashion, politics, business, gossip, current events, movies, etc., you will be alright in most situations. If you don't know anything about a topic, admit it, and ask questions. And then listen with rapt attention. Men love an attentive woman and find her very sexy.